Winter and dry skin go hand in hand. The cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin and deplete its natural moisture. Skin issues including itchiness, dryness and flakiness can occur at any time.  It is commonly observed that while many people take their skincare routine seriously, a majority of them neglect to moisturise the body. It is important to keep in mind that timing matters a lot when it comes to applying moisturisers. Therefore, knowing the appropriate time to apply body lotion is essential.Also Read - Tired of Dry And Patchy Skin This Winter? Shahnaz Husain Has The Perfect Remedies For You

Take a look at the ideal times to moisturise your body shared by Kimi Jain, Head of Retail, KIMRICA. Also Read - Skincare Tips: Include These 5 Natural Ingredients in Your Skincare Routine This Winter Season


Moisturising the body in the morning sets your skin up to face countless irritants and environmental factors during the day. The skin is constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and pollutants when you’re outside which is why using a protective and soothing moisturiser while going out is necessary. Kimirica’s Five Elements Body Lotion comes with natural Aloe Vera extracts that act as a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that helps protect your skin and provides a deep nourishing effect. Also Read - Wedding Season: 3 Easy And Natural Detox For Brides Amid Heavy-Duty Makeup

After Shower, Shaving and Washing hands

After you take a shower, your skin has the maximum moisture and moisturisers work effectively on hydrated skin. That is why dermatologists always recommend applying moisturiser right after getting out of the shower. When applied early, moisturisers are able to trap some water that’s still in the body and hydrate the body.

Shaving not only helps you to get rid of unwanted body hair but also removes the surface skin cells. To soothe any skin irritation and protect the exposed skin from dryness, apply any hydrating moisturiser that gives your skin a natural glow.

The increasing use of antibacterial soaps and hand wash takes a toll on your hand disrupting the natural skin barrier. To protect your hands from cracking and dryness, you can use the brand’s Bouquet Hand Lotion that comes with a rich combination of sweet almond oil, Shea butter, grape seed extracts, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil.

During and After Your Flights

Travelling makes your skin dryer, the reason being the low humidity and the recycled air inside. As body lotions are available in small sizes, it is advisable that you should carry your body lotion and apply it during your flight and once you land as this will help in combating the skin drying issue.

Before Bed

Research has shown that the skin effectively repairs itself from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. That’s why you should always make sure to moisturise your skin on or before this time. Also, it has been observed that the skin’s transeepidermal water loss increases during sleep which takes away plenty of moisture from the skin. So, all these reasons make it quite clear as to why you should always moisturise your body before going to sleep.

After Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important step in any skincare routine but applying body lotion post exfoliating is equally required. Exfoliating results in the removal of dead skin cells which makes space for a new layer of skin. Applying body lotion will help to soothe the top layer of skin and also strengthen the moisture barrier.

Before Workout

Workout sessions are often sweaty and tiring but preparing your skin before stepping out is very important as exercising outside often leads to dryness. Applying light-weight body lotion before your session is recommended.

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