Sex is a taboo even today in the society we live. People hardly talk about it in public. Probably they do not realise that it is a part of daily life and that too a significant one. Sexual satisfaction is important for an array of reasons. It does not only gives you pleasure but also boosts your immunity and provides relief from stress and anxiety. Also, it helps you to sleep better and lowers your blood pressure. Still, some people knowingly or unknowingly indulge in habits that are known to sabotage their sex life. Here, we tell you about those habits. Also Read - Senior Air India Pilot Reinstated After Being Suspended Over Sexual Harassment Allegation

Eating Unhealthy Food

A good amount of energy is required to act on bed. And, that comes from food that you eat. Following an unhealthy diet including fried food, burger, cholesterol-rich food can reduce your libido and take a toll on your sex life. Also, eating refined carbs present in food like white flour can decrease the level of testosterone in the body and increase the level of estrogen hormone. What you can opt for include kale juice, carrot, pomegranate, etc. as they enhance blood flow to the genitals and keep you charged up to perform better. Eating natural food can also increase your sexual stamina. Also Read - Man Suffers Three-Day Erection After Taking Sexual Stimulant Meant For Bulls, Hospitalised


Cigarettes contain nicotine that is known to be a potent vasoconstrictor. This means, its consumption can make your blood vessels narrow and damage your veins and arteries. In men, smoking can damage the small arteries present in the penis and negatively impact sex life. If you wish to have a rocking time on bed with your partner, you need to stop smoking. Also Read - Legalising Medical Marijuana May Lead to Increase in Sexual Activity Among Adults, Study Reveals

Taking stress

Stress is a silent killer. Chronic stress can gradually make you extremely sick. It can also reduce your desire to get cozy with your partner and indulge in sex. Low libido can create problems in your relationship. Also, it can reduce your partner’s probability to get pregnant. Stress can also decrease the level of the happy hormones in the body and interfere with your sex response. Meditation, yoga, and working out daily can help you in this regard.