Do you feel a constant urge to check your phone? Do you also feel disinterested in things that you used to enjoy earlier? If yes, you are most probably suffering from social media burnout. It is a state of chronic stress that occurs due to too much screen time or social media interactions. Also Read - Don't Play IPL if You Think There's Burnout: Kapil Dev

Amidst current lockdown, number of people suffering from social media burnout has increased. As people do not have much to do, they just keep refreshing their feeds on social media. This over-engagement in the digital life can lead to psychological problems. People suffering from social media burnout experience difficulty concentrating, insomnia, emotional fatigue, mental and physical tension, and lack of interest in typically enjoyable activities. Also Read - Occupational Burnout: Actions to Tackle This Syndrome That Can Turn Into a Mental Condition

The association between humans and digital devices has become stronger during the lockdown as we are dependent on them more than ever. These days, we need digital devices for almost everything. From working to socializing, watching news, or binge watching movies, everything requires a phone or a laptop. Though our dependence on these devices is the need of the hour and is helping us in a big way, it has equally devastating side-effects. Also Read - 'Burnout' And 'Gaming Addiction' Are Diagnosable Diseases: WHO

Spending too much time in front of a screen can not only affect our sight (causing dry eyes, blurred vision, strained eyes etc.) but can also cause debilitating headache, chronic neck and shoulder pain, stress, and even depression.

These days, students are getting online classes for around 7 to 8 hours. Spending excessive time on screen can negatively impact their concentration power and lead to restlessness. Additionally, it can lead to anxiety, distraction from studies, and bad academic performance.

So, it is significant to manage your screen time and avoid digital burnout. It takes discipline to not let social media steal your time and affect your health.