How far can beauty trends go? As far as the length of your nose hair. And if your nose hair isn’t long enough, well, you can get nose hair extensions. Just like unicorn armpit hair (armpit hair dyed in rainbow colours) and fishtail eyebrows (eyebrows shaped in the form of a fishtail), one of the most bizarre beauty trends to hit Instagram is nose hair extension. For those of you still reading this, here is a DIY guide:
The extensions are basically false eyelashes which can be stuck inside your nostril with eyelash glue in such a way that the eyelashes come out of your nostrils giving you the illusion of long nostril hair. Also Read - Have Too Much Facial Hair? Opt For These Home Remedies to Get Rid of That

For those asking why we ask why not. Nose hair extensions is actually not a new thing and dates back to a really long time ago, 2017. Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen has been credited as the inventor of nose hair extensions that has suddenly started trending again in 2019. A number of Instagrammers have started experimenting and dutifully posting with #nosehairextensions.

Forget trimming nostril hair, 2019 will have you flaunting it with pride. Nostril hair per se isn’t really useless. These tiny hair in our nostrils prevent dust particles, pathogens and germs from entering our nasal cavity when we breathe in air. While many of us believe in plucking it, this is not considered very safe. When you pluck the hair out, it can lead to problems like bleeding, ingrown hair and even cuts that could lead to boils and other serious infections. If your nostril hair is irritating you or protruding outside your nose, you could try trimming it with specially designed nasal hair scissors. But again, be careful and don’t cut yourself with them. Or even better, submit yourself to this phenomenon that is #nailhairextensions.