A sore vagina is an extremely discomforting situation. It is sometimes experienced as an after effect of having a rough sexual intercourse. Getting concerned about your painful situation is completely normal and right too. Sex is not supposed to be painful but pleasurable. In case it is otherwise, may be you are going wrong somewhere. But, you don’t need to feel embarrassed about having a sore vagina. It can be a result of some health condition as well. So, before taking steps in order to avoid or treat the condition, you must rule out the health related problems. In case, you are fine health wise and still experiencing a sore vagina, may be these factors are responsible for the same. Also Read - Vaginal Discomfort: Opt For These Natural Ways to Get Rid of The Problem

Use of latex

This is one of the major reasons behind a sore vagina. If you are sensitive to latex, using it can make you end up having a sore vagina. In this condition, applying an ice pack can offer you some relief. Also Read - Experiencing Vaginal Dryness? Know What Causes it

Lack of enough lubrication

Lack of enough lubrication can make you experience a painful sex. It can occur due to various factors including old age, use of drugs or birth control. Less lubrication leads to friction during the intercourse and that results in tears in your skin. There are various types of lubricants available in the market. You can opt for any one to get rid of this problem and avoid it in future. Also Read - After Vagina Whitening Creams And Other Beauty Products, Women Get Pillow Bra For Wrinkle-Free Cleavage And You Thought Enough of Body Shaming!


Certain infections including bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or sexually transmitted disease can make you have a vaginal soreness. You must get yourself checked in this condition.