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Watching and enjoying all your favorite sports just got a whole deal easier. SportOn is your one-stop shop for following tons of sports anywhere, anytime on both Android and iOS smartphones. In conversation with India.com, the creators of the coolest new app on the block reveal what keeps SportOn ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days of using an app for every sport that you are passionate about, and another for messaging your friends to share the excitement of every match. With SportOn, you can do it all in one place, seamlessly, and in real time. In fact, it is this ease of use that was the inspiration behind the all-inclusive app.

Co-founders Jeet Dattani and Jaydeep Talatia, lifelong friends and the brains behind SportOn, relate how the app fills a key gap in the marketplace.

Talatia, the lead designer and project manager said, “SportOn introduces the intersection of a full-featured sports application and a group messaging application…not only can you follow your favorite teams and players, but you can also communicate with your friends while watching live sports. We believe that users don’t need to have three applications constantly running to have a full-fledged social sports experience. We aim to provide a sports ecosystem so full featured and innovative, that’s not available in the current sports application market.”

SportOn is designed to be a complete sports app, a culmination of a number of feature sets in one space. Dattani, technical and business head, explains the innovative way it works, “(It) makes sports personal and intuitive with features like ‘Crowd’ that allows seamless sports messaging and ‘Arena’ that allows following various games across multiple sports.”

Talatia and Dattani, friends since primary school, are always trying to solve problems faced by millennials. Their innovative natures and a shared love for sports led to the conceptualization of SportOn when they were just 25. They even had an enterprising way to help fund their start-up in its early stages—by opening another company called AppOn.

“By side consulting projects through AppOn such as building wireframes, and MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) for other local entrepreneurs and start-ups, we were able to fund a lot of the initial operating costs for SportOn,” Dattani spoke on the early days.

SportOn[Photo Courtesy: SportOn]

SportOn is fully self-funded where the two co-founders and two partners own all of the equity. With recent successful Android and iOS launches behind it, its user base is growing by leaps and bounds and the team is reaching out to potential investors to grow and expand the business.

With all the attention to detail that the team at SportOn gives to building its world-class product, it’s no wonder that the app is well received and growing in popularity. The founders said they are proud of their working style.

Harsh Master, SportOn’s founding partner, analytics and logistics engineer elaborates: “We pride ourselves in being a product that is built for sports fans by sports fans. We vehemently tested multiple applications and found features missing or half-baked. We wanted to build an app that we would want to use throughout the year for multiple sports.”

“We want to provide as much power to users as possible, ” Talatia said. “They curate and tweak their own experience. This is how users will keep coming back and build a habit of using SportOn for each and every sport and game they follow.”

They are clear about what sets them apart from a multitude of sports and messaging apps out there. Rahul Mantripragada, SportOn’s founding partner and head of growth explains: “SportOn is the hybrid of a feature rich sports application and a group messaging application. All major sports are integrated and fans can browse team information, player information, scores, news, and other league information. Additionally, SportOn allows sports fans to create their own ecosystem called ‘Crowds’ to get all of their favorite team’s scores and updates, and chat with their friends under one screen. This is the seamless integration of two of the most used features and apps by sports fans while they’re watching their team play…we aim to streamline the way fans consume sports today and bring an everlasting change to their entire experience.”

What’s more, the team over at SportOn is constantly striving to make things bigger and better—something that is bound to keep the competition at bay. Mantripragada talks about their future plans with enthusiasm, “We want to continue offering novel features to sports fans to make this the

Mantripragada talks about their future plans with enthusiasm, “We want to continue offering novel features to sports fans to make this the one-stop sports application.”

With a strong presence on both Android and iOS platforms, SportOn creators have some helpful tips for budding start-ups.

“Anything you want to build, it is all about the execution of an idea,” Talatia said. “You need to build the idea to a viable project scope and then accrue the talent and capital to build out. Also, never be afraid of the competition, especially if they don’t solely dominate the market – that means you have an opportunity to capture a chunk of that market. No two people will ever have the same exact idea and strategy.”

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