Facials are a common beauty ritual that women indulge in every month or so. Mostly, we go to the nearest salon that offers this treatment which is basically a few hundred metres away from our house as there are beauty parlours at every nook and corner and most of them offer different types of facials that can often leave one confused. From basic ones to gold, diamond, fruit, oxygen, there’s so much to choose from. And, the range only goes higher and each one promises to offer great results. While getting a facial every once in a while isn’t a bad idea, but what goes in it and the amount you pay for it is not always pocket-friendly. Fruits are full of antioxidants and amazing nutrients that can do wonders for our skin and while it is important to eat them every day, did you know you can use them to give yourself a fruit facial at home? Here’s how you can use different fruits for your face, we give you a step-by-step guide. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Here is How to Lock The Moisture in After Washing Hands

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

In order to prep your skin and free it from dirt and grime that has settled on it, you first need to clean it thoroughly. We recommend using cold, raw milk for this purpose as it will also work wonders for the pores. Wash your face with water and then in a bowl take milk. Use a cotton ball to apply it on your face and neck and after a couple of minutes, just wash off with water. (ALSO SEE Top questions about skincare answered) Also Read - Quarantine Beauty Ritual: Here is How to Get Flawless Skin Like Malaika Arora

Step 2: Exfoliating your skin

You’ve got rid of the dirt but dead skin cells on your face don’t just come off with milk or water. You need something grainy for this and so, we recommend making a scrub of dried lemon peels. All you have to do is grind the lemon peels with water to get a paste. Apply it in circular motions avoiding the area around the eyes. This will gently remove the dead skin cells. Wash your face again to get rid of the granules. Also Read - Want to Reduce Ageing Signs And Prevent Diabetes? Use Argan Oil

Step 3: Unclogging the pores

It is important to unclog pores as that is where dirt settles and enlarges them over time. For this, you don’t need any fruit, but some steam to open them up. You can use a facial steamer for this purpose or you can boil water in a vessel and then place a cloth over it and get your face closer to it by covering the sides of your face with a towel. If you have blackheads, you can get rid of them in this step. (ALSO SEE All your questions about open pores answered)

Step 4: Making a fruit pack

After all these steps, it is finally the time to give yourself a fruit facial massage. You can make a pack based on your skin type. If your skin is dry, make a pack with mashed ripe banana and honey. If you want an anti-ageing pack, make one with papaya pulp and honey. If you have oily or combination skin, make a pack with berries and lemon juice and if you have normal skin, you can use any of these.

Step 5: Applying the fruit pack

Once you have made a pack based on your skin type, apply it all over your face and neck and then massage the areas using your fingers for pressure. A light pressure is fine and always remember to use upward strokes only so that the skin does not sag. Once you have massaged it for a good five to 10 minutes, leave it on for another five minutes. You can cover your eyes with cucumber slices for a soothing effect. Then wash off with plain water and pat dry your skin.

After the facial, you can also apply some rosewater to tone the skin and then apply a sunscreen to reap in the effects for a longer time. This fruit facial can be done once a month or every 15 days for best results.

Photograph: Shutterstock