Are you addicted to smoking and drinking? If yes, you are at an increased risk of ageing faster than those who do not indulge in such acts. This is what a recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports has revealed. The scientists involved in the study have stated that harmful particles and chemicals present in cigarettes and alcohol are damaging to the human brain and can make your telomeres shorter than they should be. Notably, telomers are present at the end of your chromosomes and are a biomarker of your chronological age. Telomers actually protects significant information in your DNA. To slow down your biological clock, there are certain practical things that you can do. Read further to know about them.Also Read - Top 5 Stories of The Day: Ek Villain's Sequel, Atrangi Re, Ageing Sylvester Stallone

Indulge in resistance training

Ageing is associated with loss of muscle mass and its strength. According to researchers in the field, these changes occur at a certain point in time due to an array of reasons including increased oxidative stress, inflammation due to immune response, cell death, inactivity, hormonal dysregulation, etc. Resistance training plays a role in reducing these markers of ageing. It includes exercises that help in building endurance. You use some external resistance to exercise and let the muscle contract. External resistance can be anything from dumbbells to your own body weight, and bricks. Also Read - A Simple Act of Kindness Can Slow Down Ageing

Opt for the right food

Food plays a vital role in your overall being. What you eat, decides your body’s health. As far as ageing is concerned, the Mediterranean diet can help you live longer. Following this diet can protect your brain and slow down the cognitive ageing. The Mediterranean diet basically includes food like fish, olive oil, vegetables, nut, legumes, fruits, etc. Also, you can consume certain anti-ageing food including watercress, red bell pepper, papaya, blueberry, broccoli, spinach, etc. Also Read - Sweet Sixteen Forever: Has Pakistan Fast Bowling Sensation Naseem Shah Stopped Ageing?

Have red wine in moderation during dinner

Consuming alcohol in moderation is helpful. Only excessive drinking is not recommended. If we talk about red wine, it contains a strong anti-oxidant like compound known as resveratrol that has anti-ageing properties. This means, having it can keep you from being old early. Also, it can make your skin look radiant.