Excessive hair fall can make anyone cry. Undoubtedly, it is heartbreaking and can reduce your self-esteem drastically. It is painful to see your hair stuck to the comb every time you brush. People spend a huge amount of money for hair growth and to stop hair fall. But,  most of the products available in the market are just for business. They contain hard chemicals that are harmful for our hair and only further aggravate the condition instead of solving the problem. But, you don’t need to worry anymore. There are some weird by useful hacks that can help you get rid of hair fall. Also, these ways can stimulate hair growth. Read further to know about those strange but easy hacks.

Hang upside down

It may sound weird to you but this posture can help you bid adieu to continuous hair fall. According to various studies in the field, hanging upside down is known to increase hair growth by enhancing the blood supply to the scalp. Your hair follicles need nutrition and nourishment, which can be provided by blood. So, the next time you experience hair loss, you know what you need to do.

Wear Shower cap while sleeping at night

You may be thinking, a shower cap is meant to be used during shower only. But that’s not true. If wearing it at odd times can give you some benefits, why can’t you do that? According to experts, hitting the bed at night with a shower cap on your head can double the quantity of oil produced by your scalp. Notably, increased sebum oil production is associated with hair growth.

Use silk pillow covers and not cotton ones

Are you noticing excessive hair strands on your pillow? This is happening maybe because of the cotton pillow cover you are using. According to various studies in the field, cotton is harsh for your hair and can lead to hair loss. Silk is quite gentler and can be soothing for your hair. So, the next time you go out shopping, you know what to buy.