Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality”, says WHO. It is a significant part of your physical and emotional being. Being sexually healthy means you are able to enjoy physical intimacy and maintain the sexual relationship. Experiencing any problem or abnormality related to sexual functions means you are sexually not healthy. It can be a side-effect of some physical or mental condition. Suffering from a sexual disorder can affect your life and relationship majorly. Also, it can cause physical pain and embarrassment too. Therefore, here we tell you about certain strange sexual disorders that you should be aware of.Also Read - Sexual Harassment Case Against Dilip Ghosh For Derogatory Remark at Woman Anti-CAA Protester

Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome

Mostly affecting females, persistent genital arousal syndrome (PGAD) causes spontaneous arousal. You do not require to watch any sexually appealing picture, video or get intimate to get the arousal, if you are suffering from this sexual disorder. Even simple tasks like bending, driving, or wearing certain clothes can lead to sexual stimulation. PGAD is characterised by signs like wetness, burning sensation, itching in the private part, pounding etc. Factors like anxiety, stress, masturbation etc. can trigger PGAD. Also Read - Man Suffers Three-Day Erection After Taking Sexual Stimulant Meant For Bulls, Hospitalised


Affecting men, priapism is a sexual disorder that is characterised by symptoms including pain in penis, rigid penile shaft with a soft tip, and a persistent erection. If you are suffering from priapism, you will experience an erection that lasts for more than four hours and that too without any stimulation. It occurs when your blood accumulates in the erection chamber. This is a medical emergency that can cause severe damage if not treated on time. Also Read - 'Romantic' hormone may help treat psycho-sexual disorders


Also known as sleep sex, sexosomnia is a disorder that is characterised by sexual acts during sleep. It has been found to occur during non-rapid-eye-movement stage of sleep when you do not see any dream. This abnormal activity makes you indulge in self-touching, sexual motion, moaning, masturbation, and rubbing whilst you are in deep sleep.