If you have been in two minds about starting a strength training regimen, this piece of news will make you lift weights right away! A new study says that strength training is beneficial for the treatment of fatty liver disease because it reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver and improves blood glucose regulation without overall loss of body weight in obese people. Fatty liver disease refers to an excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. This usually happens as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, high cholesterol levels and diabetes. The study in the Journal of Endocrinology says that strength training can effectively and quickly reduce the risk of fatty liver disease and diabetes by improving metabolism in obese people. After consultation with the doctor, one could very well be capable of fighting fatty liver disease with the help of exercise alone, instead of medication and other expensive forms of treatment. Also Read - Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Weight Gain and Obesity

Strength training is fast becoming a hugely popular form of workout among avid gym goers. The health benefits of strength training go far and beyond just muscle gain. Here are some reasons why you must start lifting weights right away! Also Read - Diabetes + Obesity = Diabesity: All You Need To Know About This Metabolic Dysfunction

Prevents heart disease: Several studies have shown that strength training is a more effective exercise in preventing heart disease than activities like walking. Also Read - Why Patients With Higher BMI Must Be Cautious to Stay Away from COVID

Wards off diabetes: It’s not like you need to spend a lot of time or do extremely intensive exercises. Doing just two sets of bench presses for less than five minutes could be effective in preventing diabetes and high cholesterol.

Burns fats: Strength training essentially puts your body in an Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption mode or fat-burning mode for a long time. This obviously means that lifting weights can be effective in warding off obesity.

Prevents osteoporosis: Strength training is known to improve bone density and hence keep bone and joint disorders like osteoporosis away.

Stronger brain: Strength training helps you become stronger. But did you know that this could also help your brain function more efficiently? In fact, a study also showed a link between muscular strength and brain functioning especially in people with schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder. This simply means that if you want to become smarter, you must start lifting weights.

Helpful for people aged 65 and above: Strength training is an excellent way to stay healthy and improve blood circulation, muscle strength and mental wellbeing in people aged 65 and above. At this age, people usually deal with disorders like high cholesterol, heart diseases, high blood pressure etc. All of these can be dealt with effectively by doing strength training consistently.