If there is ever a person one can look up to for advice on fitness and looking fab then it is definitely actress Shilpa Shetty, and her latest picture speaks exactly just that. From what we can get from the caption of her photo, Shilpa struck the pose while holidaying in Phuket. Standing with the sea and a pool in the background, Shilpa effortlessly performed the Natrajasana. Also Read - How Lung Cancer Patients Can Benefits From Yoga

Taking to her Instagram page to share the picture, Shilpa captioned it, “Striking a pose… This Natrajasana (Lord of dance pose) looks straight out of a postcard… Great hip opener, sculpts arms and your calves… Enhances mental focus and back flexibility. I’m just getting all set for tonight’s party… all set to #dance.” Also Read - Shilpa Shetty Shares Mantra To Tackle Pandemic Stress: Don't Overthink And Have Faith

Shilpa, who stresses more on body strengthening than any other form of exercise, had in an interview spoken about how we tend to focus more on size and shape.

“I think we tend to focus more on size, shapes, how well we fit into designer clothes rather than on core strengthening, agility, endurance etc. I understood the value of fitness when I had my baby because I realised that I am responsible for another life and to take care of him, I have to be physically and emotionally strong and healthy. So that becomes my constant motivation,” IANS had quoted her as saying.

The actress, who is a yoga enthusiast, had also revealed that she will be launching her own app that will guide her followers on health and fitness.

On the work front, Shilpa is a co-judge on the dance reality show Super Dancer, which airs on Sony Entertainment channel.