Fashion keeps changing with time. Initially, people used to like dressing up in bold, vibrant, and colourful attires. Whereas now, elegance and simplicity have become the new trend. Most of the people like minimalism and still manage to look glamorous. However, if you like the old (80s) style statements and want to get that look, you need to play with excess. That era was all about rocking power suits, glammed-up sequin and one-shoulder styles. Let’s know how to get the iconic 80s look right.Also Read - Tips to Style Your Off-Shoulder Top And Look Flattering This Summer

Hip-Hop Style

Back in the 80s, the craze for hip-hop music was beyond imagination. People were inspired by stars like Salt-N-Pepa trio, Queen Latifah etc. To look like their fashion icons, they used to shop outfits with bold colours. You can pick baggy silhouettes and attires with athletic details to appear like them. Also, in the 80s, accessorising outfits excessively used to be an important thing and snapback caps were the go-to thing. Street style was in trend during that time. Also Read - Style Tips to Wear a Jumpsuit And Slay Like a True Fashionista

Workout Fashion

If you want to have a clear idea about the 80s workout fashion, you can watch aerobic videos of that time. Attires including high-rise bodysuits, neon-bright tight lower, headbands, and bike shorts were quite popular. Excess used to be the trend in the 80s. If you wish to get that look, go loud and feel proud. Also Read - Fashion Tips: How to Get a Classy And Sophisticated Look in All-White Outfits On Different Occasions?

Punk Fashion

This fashion was inspired by punk subculture. It was quite popular during the beginning of the 1970s. Tattoos, body modification, and rocking attires characterise the punk fashion. If you like drama and too much edgy look, you must go for this 80s look. Also known as the look of the rebellions, punk fashion features ripped jeans, leather jackets, heavy boots, and band t-shirts. If you wish to go bold, you can go for a hair colour.