Wide-leg pants are usually confused with bell-bottoms, however, these two have a different silhouette. Wide-leg pants are perfect to be worn by women of any shape and size to get a sophisticated look. Their relaxed and flattering pattern can never go out of style. Wide leg pants are quite versatile. You can wear them at work, a lunch date, casual get-together or while heading for shopping. Also, known as palazzo, wide-leg pants are ruling the style industry currently. From a sassy and sexy look to a perfect street style appearance, and a stunning look, these pants can offer you the charm you are looking for. To style these pair of ultra-voluminous pants, you just need to know some fashion trick. Let’s talk about them. Also Read - Tips to Style Your Off-Shoulder Top And Look Flattering This Summer

Pick a Wide-Leg Pant With Clean Lines

To get a flattering look, you must opt for a pair of wide-leg pants that has clean lines and a floor-length hem. Also, ensure it falls away from the hips. This will create an illusion of sexy legs. If you don’t want other’s attention to get diverted to your mid-section, look for a pair of pants that do not have details like front pocket or high waist. Get one with tailored waistband. Also Read - Style Tips to Wear a Jumpsuit And Slay Like a True Fashionista

Pair Your Pants With The Right heels

The main aim behind donning a pair of wide-leg pants is to have long and slender appearance. To add a bit more such illusion and elegance, you should pick a pair of platform heels with modest heel height and just enough platform that the hem of the pant drapes perfectly over the front of your footwear. You can also opt for wedges or stacked-heel pumps.

Balance Your Look With an Appropriate Top

If you are wearing a pair of wide-leg pants, donning a top with the wrong cut can swallow your entire look and make it look non-appealing. You can pair your flares with a body-hugging top that can define your curves.