Are you a fashion enthusiast and have your entire drawer full of accessories? If yes, then why not to wear some of them together instead of donning just one? Yes, you can layer some of your favourite pieces of jewellery to get an effortless yet pristine look. However, to do that, you need to keep aside your trusted favourites and try mixing or pairing up some of your fashion jewellery pieces. To slay layered jewellery like a pro and get a balanced and sophisticated look, you need to know the basics of layering and spacing. First and foremost is that each jewellery piece of yours should complement each other and not look cluttered. To become a layering pro, here are a few other things you need to keep in mind. Also Read - Thinking to Buy Jewellery Online? Beware of These Things

Pairing Necklaces

There can be an array of ways to layer necklaces. You need not stick to pairing multiple chains with the same texture and colour. You can pick a gold, silver, and stone chain altogether. It will create a natural and interesting look. A petite gold chain can look stunning when paired with a longer pearl chain. You can also opt for a choker and layer it with a heavier chain with pendant. Layering enamel gold chain of different lengths can be a good idea as well. What you must not do is to mix too many chunky pieces. Get variety and mix bold pieces with delicate and fine ones. Also Read - Common Jewellery Mistakes You Must Avoid Making

Layering Rings

Rings are easy to stack and can go well solo too. They can help you get a bold statement and elevate your overall look. But before donning them, you need to figure out how many rings feel right for you or authentic to your style. You can wear a variety of rings at a time. Opt for two gold rings and pair it with a diamond one. You can also go for a gemstone ring. However, if it seems too much to you, just pick two plain gold rings and one diamond ring. You can play with different colours and textures as the possibilities are endless. Also Read - Sabyasachi Jewellery Collection: These Statement Pieces Donned by Bollywood Stars Are Enough to Uplift Your Ensembles ​

Bangles And Bracelets

If you think bracelets and bangles are meant to wear alone only, you are mistaken. If put together, they can give a stylish look to you. You can either pair a single strand bracelet with a plain gold bangle or can pair a double strand bracelet with two thin gold bracelets. Also, opt for these jewelleries as per your mood and outfit.