Did you know the right fit and color of a shirt can make you look leaner and taller? It is important to wear a shirt that is well-fitted and suits your body type to make a lasting impression and these tips can come in handy to help you pick a shirt that is perfect for you. If you wear shirts to work pretty often, here are tips by Ravi Vasant Sataliya, Stylist at Orofit, a made to measure online clothing store for men, to help you select a shirt that is best-suited for your frame.

What is the basic rule to remember to buy a well-fitted shirt?

The most important thing is to get the perfect shoulder fit as baggy or droopy shoulders make it look like you are slouching and don’t have a good posture. The next thing to check is the body fit. A shirt may look like it fits properly but if the buttons look like they will pop when you sit down then you know it is too tight for you. Picking the right collar is also the key to a well-fitted shirt. (ALSO SEE Must-have jeans for men)

How does one know if a shirt is ill-fitted?

One can determine it by checking for these simple fits. The shoulder fit should not be too long or too short. The torso fit should not be too tight that makes it uncomfortable to breathe or too loose that makes it look baggy which can make you look heavier than you are. The sleeve length should be till the thumb dimple at the end of your wrist. If it is too long, the fabric will bunch up and make it too loose for your size and if it is too short, it will cut you at the wrong length and make your arms look shorter than they are. The collar size

shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, just right. A good way to measure this is to have enough space to slide two fingers in between your neck and the collar. And lastly, the length of your shirt is also important. Your untucked shirt should not expose your belly when you raise your arms above your head. (ALSO SEE Monsoon style tips for men)

How does one select the right size in different shirt fits like regular, classic, slim-fit, etc?

Pick a Regular/classic fit shirt around 4 inches more than your measurement, slim-fit shirts 2.5-3 inches more than your measurements and normal fits about 3-3.5 inches more than your vital statistics.

Which fits best suit different body types?

If you have a square-shaped body, opt for apple cut shirts. Men with round body shape should choose normal or straight cut shirts. Those who have an inverted V-shaped body can opt for slim-fits or regular fits. If you aren’t too slim or heavy, opt for normal fits but these fits aren’t too common. (ALSO SEE Wardrobe essentials every man should own)

Can wearing a well-fitted shirt help one appear leaner?

It does but not as much as colours do. Wearing dark colors will help conceal fat and make you look leaner. Team this with the right fit and your appearance will be more flattering.

What tips can one keep in mind when buying half-sleeve shirts?

Half-sleeves make your arms look long. You have to keep your height in mind while selecting these. So, if you are tall and have long arms, you should give half-sleeves a miss. But if you are short and want to make your arms appear long, then opt for these. (ALSO SEE 5 pairs of shoes every man should have)

When it comes to shirt patterns and colors, which ones suit different body types?

When it comes to colors, people with dark skin tones can opt for bright colors while those who are fair can choose all colors. If you have a short neck, opt for a shirt with a small collar and if your neck is long, big collars are fine. If you have a broad neck, club or Chinese collars. If you are short, a striped shirt will give the illusion of height while a checks shirt will make you look stunted so tall people can opt for it.

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