Are you facing difficulty in paying attention to something? Do you find it problematic to organize tasks and activities? Do you also interrupt people in the middle of a conversation and face problems in waiting for your turn? If yes, you are suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is a chronic condition that causes problems including hyperactivity, impulsive behaviour, difficulty in staying focused, etc. The exact cause behind the problem is not clear yet but researchers believe that genetics, environment, and problems with the nervous system play a key role in the onset of the condition. Also Read - 'Digital medicine' may help treat children with autism, ADHD

People with ADHD usually have poor self-esteem and they are likely to face trouble in interacting with others. There are medications available for the treatment of the condition but they may put you at an increased risk of developing heart and psychiatric problems. In that case, behaviour therapy and some home remedies may help. Also Read - Therapy dogs may help treat ADHD symptoms: Study

According to recent research published in Translational Psychiatry, intake of omega 3 fatty acids can help in better cognition and focus. But this works only in patients containing low levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in the blood. Those with a high level of EPA do experience betterment in focus but also show a rise in impulsivity. Notably, some of the food rich in omega-3 fatty acids include tuna, nuts, flaxseed, soybean, salmon, etc. Also Read - Smartphone use may up ADHD risk in teens

Apart from this, patients can indulge in meditation and relaxing exercises. Yoga can be a good option to deal with the symptoms of ADHD. Also, avoid the intake of food that are known to increase hyperactivity. Some of those food include sugar, eggs, wheat, milk, etc. You must stay away from food with additives and high cholesterol levels.