Diabetes is a chronic condition that is characterized by symptoms including frequent urination, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, etc. This extremely prevalent condition occurs when your pancreas either stops producing sugar controlling hormone called insulin or your body becomes resistant to the chemical. Sugar is a significant body component that is required to make muscles and other tissues. It is actually a source of energy for the human body. Certain factors like old age, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. can potentially increase your likelihood of developing diabetes. The disease can further lead to nerve damage, kidney damage, cardiovascular diseases, etc., if not managed on time. To keep your blood sugar level under control, you need to eat mindfully.

One of the most important food that can help you in this regard is coconut water. Devoid of artificial sweetener, coconut water is a perfect drink to balance the electrolyte in the body. Containing essential nutrients like potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, etc. this sterile drink can keep you healthy. As far as its role in diabetes is concerned, the drink can keep your blood sugar level stable, says a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

Being rich in potassium, coconut water is healing in nature for diabetics. Also, this drink is jam-packed with fiber and protein, two nutrients that take time to digest and hence increase sugar level gradually. Coconut water has natural sugar that prevents a sudden spike in blood glucose levels. Absence of any preservatives makes it one of the best alternatives for aerated drinks and can reduce your likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, consuming coconut water on a daily basis can help you maintain the pH balance of your body and can increase your metabolism as well. Potassium in coconut water can regulate the kidney function and prevent its damage.