Diabetes is a chronic condition and suffering from this disease can make it difficult for you to pick up the best food. Also, eating anything and everything can make diabetes worse and may lead to complications. In order to control your blood sugar level, you need to include only healthy food in your daily diet.Also Read - Diabetes Insipidus: A Strange Condition That Constantly Keeps You Super Thirsty

According to the researchers in the field, fiber-rich food are considered best to have if you are a diabetic. Apart from lowering the level of blood sugar fiber keeps the nutritional requirement in check. Being packed with substances like cellulose, lignin, and pectin, fiber-rich food can keep your digestive enzymes in action. Found in plant-based food, fiber also reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body and helps in effective weight loss. Here, we list a few fiber-rich food that you can have in order to manage diabetes. Also Read - Diabetes Drug Linked to Increased Risk of Problems Like Heart Failure


These colourful legumes contain both proteins and fiber and therefore considered extremely nutritious. Approximately 40 per cent of total carbohydrates present in lentils is fiber and that is what helps in regulating blood sugar response. Per 100 grams serving of lentils contains more than 15 grams of fiber, states the United States Department of Agriculture. Also Read - Diabetes: Don't Believe in These Myths Associated With The Disease


Being a rich source of insoluble fiber called lignan, flaxseeds are good for diabetics. Their daily consumption can keep heart complications associated with diabetes like stroke and attacks at bay. Flaxseeds not only keep the blood sugar under control but also improve insulin sensitivity and gut health.

Whole Grains

Whole grains including oats, pasta, brown rice, etc. are packed with fiber that is known to digest slowly and keep you satiated for long. Also, this prevents a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Daily consumption of whole-grain can prevent weight gain, which is considered as one of the major factors associated with the onset of diabetes.