Measles is a viral disease that is one of the major causes behind the death of children world-wide. According to the WHO data, in the year 2017, approximately 110000 people globally died due to measles. This contagious infection is also known as rubeola. Measles is characterized by symptoms including fever, dry cough, sore throat, inflamed eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, etc. The disease occurs in four stages and takes almost 10 to 14 days to show signs and symptoms.

Measles causing virus replicates in nose and throat. That is why when an infected person sneezes, the droplets spray and infect others if inhaled. Certain factors like being unvaccinated, travelling to a country with a measles outbreak, or having a deficiency of vitamin A can potentially increase your likelihood of being affected with measles. If not treated on time, it can further lead to complications like ear infection, pneumonia, encephalitis, bronchitis, etc. Though there are various medicines available to treat measles if you want to go natural, read further.

Margosa leaves

Having antiseptic and antiviral properties, margosa leaves can attack the measles virus and provide relief from symptoms of the disease like itching from the rashes. To use the leaves for this purpose, all you need to do is to add them in hot bathing water for at least 20 minutes and have a bath with it.


One of the most important and widely used spices in India, garlic can potentially treat measles if consumed with honey. Garlic works because of its anti-viral properties. You are advised to have garlic and honey twice a day for this purpose.


Being rich in vitamin C, oranges can boost your body’s immunity and help you fight against the virus causing measles effectively. This easily available fruit can help you flush out the virus from the body. Also, dehydration and loss of appetite are commonly found in people affected by measles. Oranges can help improve appetite and keep you hydrated.

Coconut water

Patients affected by measles are usually found to be dehydrated, which creates a delay in recovery. Containing essential nutrients, coconut water can help you be hydrated. Also, its antioxidant effects can help you recover fastly.