Nature provides us with simple, practical, easily-available and cheap solutions to the many problems we face across the year. Summers are no different. In our scorching summers in India, we can face a variety of conditions like dehydration, rashes, heat boils, indigestion and skin and hair damage. But, the remedy for all these lies around us. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who has star clients including Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt, recently shared some natural remedies for summer on her social media.
Here are 3 easy things you can do to beat the heat and get better hair, skin, digestion this summer season –
1. Soak a handful of neem leaves in bathing water. This prevents dandruff and blackheads on the face.

2. Eat dahi or chaas with lunch. This can prevent the afternoon slump and keep sugar cravings under check.

3. Vala or khus roots in your drinking water. This amazing root tightens pores on the face and prevents body odour. Khus roots are one of mother nature’s natural coolants. Khus, also known as wala, Walo, Vetiver, Ramacham makes the water cool and popularly used across India in summer. Khus has some other exceptional health benefits like –
– It improves hormonal disorders like PCOD and low sperm mobility
– it gives smooth, flawless complexion
– it prevents Urinary Tract Infection and fevers
– it provides relief from chronic body aches and pains
Where to find it – Khus grows all over India, it was earlier used in matkas to naturally cool down the water and give it a mild fragrance similar to chandan. The grass is also used to make mats, curtains, chatais, especially in areas of dry heat. It is known to make the room and surroundings cooler. Khus is often turned into a khus sherbet too.
Did you know that farmers grow khus around vegetables and fruit trees for its anti- termite and insect repellent properties?

Here’s how to use khus – Clean the roots and soak them in your drinking water. You can keep them in for 3 days. Post that, remove them, dry them and reuse up to 3 times.