Less is more. Is this what you feel? If yes, you are a minimalist. When it comes to looking classy without donning much, cotton sarees are the best choice. This ethnic attire helps exude elegance and class. Whether it is office, wedding, or even a party, cotton sarees can make you look graceful on every occasion. Also Read - How to Stay Fashionable Amid Lockdown: Tips to Not Let The Fashionista in You Die

Cotton sarees are specially perfect to wear in summers as they are light, soft, and extremely comfortable. Cotton keeps our body cool by absorbing sweat and that is why it is the ideal fabric to opt for during the scorching heat. As the temperature has already started to rise, let’s prepare ourselves with the right clothing. Here are tips to achieve that sophisticated and upscale look in simple cotton sarees. Also Read - Designer Narendra Kumar FKNS Collection Showcases Life Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Through Fashion

Opt For a Designer Blouse

Cotton Blouse designs (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

Cotton blouse designs (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

A blouse can entirely change the look of your saree. It can either enhance the appearance or make it worse. Classy blouse designs always work good on cotton sarees. There is an array of designs available on web. You can pick any considering the colour and pattern of your cotton saree. For example, a glamorous look can be achieved by opting for a blouse with patches like sequins, tassels, strings etc. On the other hand a halter neck blouse and tube blouse can give you a sassy look. Also Read - Thongs, High Heels And More: 7 Fashion Items That Are Damaging Your Health Really Badly And You Have no Idea

Wear Statement Jewellery

Jewellery to wear on cotton sarees (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

Jewellery to wear on cotton sarees (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

Stunning statement neck-piece or a pair of earrings can make you look like a fashionista. Accessorizing a plain cotton saree can take your entire look to a whole new level. Oxidized jewellery always look best on cotton sarees. If you wish to go safe, these pieces can be the perfect pick.

Define Your Look With Perfect Hairstyle

Hair styles for cotton saree look

Hair styles for cotton saree look (Picture Courtesy: Pinterest)

A right hairstyle can always make you look stylish. When you are donning a cotton saree, keep your hair tied in a loose bun or go for soft curls. Also, do opt for a bindi and the right shade of lipstick.