Our profound love for Maggi was vindicated when Maggi got banned for the presence of Monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavour enhancer. The entire nation justifiably went into a phase of collective mourning. Because what’s life without the magic of two minutes?

Now, there has never been any unanimity over the recipe of Maggi. While it should actually take only two minutes to cook this dish, there are people who can spend 20 minutes for a plate of Maggi as they may start with chopping onions, carrots, beans and other vegetables.

But that is alright as long as it suits your taste. And then this happened. A Twitter user shared a recipe video on Twitter, which does not conform to anything we knew about Maggi so far.

The video threw us into a confused state of mind. Could you ever imagine that Maggi could be turned into something sweet? Well, that may save you from the ill-effects of questionable MSG, but why torture your soul like this? Why not have kheer instead of this sweet rose Maggi?

Let’s see the recipe:

According to the video that went viral on Twitter, heat a pan of milk. Add two packets of Maggi. After the noodles become softened, add dry rose petals. After Maggi gets cooked, milkmaid can be added to it. One can add artifical rose flavour to lift up the culinary appeal (if any) of the dish.

The cook claimed that it’s a very delicious sweet dish and children, too, love this dish. Well, many doubt it.