Needless to say, parenting is tough especially on days when your little one is fussy and feeling irritated. To keep your child happy and smiling, you try every possible tip or trick in the book. Patience becomes a significant trait of your personality when you have a kid at your home. But, most of you lose it sometimes or the other. That’s normal. But, doing certain things (that may negatively impact your child’s psychology) to make your kid agree to what you want is not right. Also Read - Parenting During Pandemic: Tips to Remain Calm While Handling Your Child

Here, we are talking about threatening your child indirectly. These days, a video is getting viral on social media where you can see a man beating his nephew’s soft toy as the child refuses to eat. This created a sense of fear in that child and soon enough, he started to eat his meal. This kind of parenting is called teddy torture technique. It is all about training your child by engraving fear in him/her. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Simple Things You Need to Keep in Mind to Raise a Healthy And Happy Child

Below, look at the viral video for yourself: Also Read - Parenting in a Pandemic: Introduce Healthy Lifestyle to Your Child With These Simple Ways During COVID-19 Pandemic

This viral parenting technique is garnering too much attention on the social media and parents who are seeing it are feeling horrified. Well, this was expected. This disturbing method of parenting can have serious long-term repercussions. After watching this video, some people couldn’t resist themselves and tweeted back. Here are some of the reactions that caught our eyes.