Everyone knows going to India means you have the opportunity to bring back some amazing traditional items and more! If you go to an Indian grocery store in the United States, most of these things are now available too.Also Read - What is a Cataract? Know Its Causes, Types, Symptoms And Treatment

Here are some gift ideas for your non-desi friends that are perfect for birthday presents, anniversary presents, or even congratulatory presents. Also Read - These Are The 5 Most Common Words Used By Men And Women Straight After Sex

1. Purses

If you go to any open market in India or the Indian store, there are so many beautifully decorated purses from elephants to floral patterns that are often adorned with bright jewels. These purses are perfect as shoulder bags and holding wallets. If you get it in India, you can get several at a reasonable price and you can support local business. Also Read - 10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Promote Healthy And Graceful Ageing

2. Bangles

There’s nothing prettier than an arm full of colorful bangles. American friends love the way it looks and there you have beautiful gifts for a girlfriend or your female best friends. The best part here is, is that you can get many bangles for a small price. If you find a metal bangle, it can also be a great gift for a male friend.

3. Sari

A beautiful sari looks great on anyone. Luckily, there are so many styles and color options for every different skin tone, so you can’t go wrong here. Just make sure you also have a blouse and petticoat for your non-desi friend.

4. Copper Cup

Copper cups in India are ubiquitous and you can find them in all Indian stores. The copper ions are supposed to possess numerous health benefits. In fact, you are supposed to fill a copper cup with water, cover it, and leave it overnight, and drink it the next morning. You can easily have this cup engraved, which makes this gift even more special.

5. Spice Sachets

Indian spices are coveted because of how they transform any food dish. You can fill spices into tiny Ziploc bags, put them in jewelry sachets, and tie a pretty label to the sachets. It makes a stylish and thoughtful gift.