Do you feel, the generation gap between you and your child is getting on your nerves? Are you feeling disabled in making your children understand your values? Are you still not familiar with their temperaments? Or your parenting style is crippling your child? If any of these things are bothering you, this is the right platform you have reached.

Parenting is not a hard and fast rule but an art. It can be only learned from the experiences. What one experiences might not be the case with the other. Therefore learn it your way. However, a few tips and suggestions can be of no harm. Below are some of the basic tactics to deal with children in a better way:

Don’t put everything on the plate

Stay away from the habit of fixing everything for your child. Let them hunt for their own ways and solutions. They may get frustrated or hurt in between but that’s important for them to realize the importance of things they are easily getting. Let them learn self-reliance and resilience. They must know that there is no substitute for handwork.

Don’t be bossy

During teenage, the blood seems to poisoned with arrogance, ego, romance, and many more things in line. Therefore, it is really important to tackle this highly poisonous creature with caution. Bring them to their comfort level at home. Talk, have a conversation and let them feel more like a friend of yours rather than your child. Only enforcing your orders may not be liked by them.

Set an example

Humans, in particular, children have a habit of imitating the people they frequently see or meet. Therefore, it is important to act cautiously in front of your child. Behave in a manner you want them to see behaving. Notably, behaving respectfully and creating a habit of reading can immensely help the child in their future endeavors. Also, don’t hide anything from them. It can be helpful for encouraging them to have good moral values.

Acknowledge their achievements

To praise your child whenever it’s the time to is of the most significant value. Proper and positive feedback can make a lot of difference. Be specific while telling them where are they doing good or lacking or behind.

Make them responsible

A well-mannered child can be an asset to society. However, a spoiled one can be a threat. Don’t let them feel that they are the center of your universe. Teach them the value of being honest, respectful, and generous. They must know that gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.