Everyone enters the parenting journey with great fantasies and pure intentions. Parents expect symbiotic bonding with their children and wish them doing or following paths that they did. Parents expect their children to follow the emotional, professional, and behavioural legacy that they inherited. Also Read - Saif Ali Khan Pacifies Crying Taimur Ali Khan at Delhi Airport is The Perfect Example of Parenting Goals- Watch

They impose a set of rules and beliefs on their children and wish them to except them with open heart. But, is this the reason why they came into this world? Isn’t they meant to discover and learn things their own way? Don’t you think they should have the liberty and freedom to express and live their own dream? Also Read - Smart Parenting Tips to Handle a Strong-Willed Child

As a parent, your primary focus should be forging a strong bond with your child not in a traditional and controlling way but through caring and providing a secure place to live and express. This is what we call conscious parenting. Also Read - The A, B, C of Parenting You Must Know

It basically refers to nurture an internal and external environment for your child where he/she is allowed to reach to his/her own empowering conclusions and make the best decisions for himself/herself. Conscious parenting is all about being mindful about your own behaviour and actions.

It is not about following a set of rules of parenting or rigid techniques and strategies but about providing a positive and free environment to your child to grow in and choose the path he wants to follow. As a parent, you can share your own life lessons with your child but learning from it or choosing to learn from his own struggle is something that should be your child’s own decision.

You do not need to fix your kid but to yourself. Children mimic their parents’ behaviour and actions. Your own conduct will decide how the future of your child would be. You must treat your child as a unique individual and not as somebody who is born to follow your legacy.

Keep your own desires, ego, and attachments at bay and let your child discover his own personality. Let him develop through his own struggles. Additionally, be conscious about what you say. Do not behave in a sarcastic, cruel, impatient, and insensitive manner.