If you think communication can be done only through words, you are highly mistaken. There is another way of doing it as well. We call it a non-verbal way or body language. You can only understand or be able to converse in that language if you are aware of what exactly it is. According to Deborah Bull, an English dancer, and writer, “Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80 per cent of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.”Also Read - Decoding Your Newborn's Body Language

Body language is basically non-verbal signals that your body gives to other people to communicate. This includes your body gestures, eye contact, facial expressions that convey volumes of information. There are two parts of communicating through body language, decoding, and encoding. The former refers to the ability to understand non-verbal cues given by others. The latter, however, means sending enough cues to others so that they understand what you are exactly trying to say. Understanding body signs is significant to avoid negative people and situations from entering your inner space. Here, we help you with that. Also Read - GST Row: Union Minister Giriraj Singh Hits Out at Rahul Gandhi, Says His Body Language is Similar to Gabbar Singh

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact shows your interest in the other person or his conversation. However, continuous eye contact can give a totally opposite clue. It can be uncomfortable for the other person or may refer to as an aggressive look. Therefore, it is important to keep shifting your glance once in a while. Maintaining eye contact for 60 per cent of the time while you are communicating is considered as the best way to converse. Also Read - Rahul's body language resembles Gabbar Singh's: Giriraj

Crossed Legs

Crossed legs refer to dominance. It is perceived as a way to increase your power zone. Crossing legs at the knees is a sign of being relaxed and stress-free. However, doing that at the ankles means you are confused, uncertain and you are holding back something.

Interlacing Fingers

Interlacing your own fingers is a signal that you are in stress and feeling discontent with something. It shows that you are troubled by something. However, interlacing fingers with someone else means you are romantically attached to him/her.