While the whole world has their eyes on the British Royal Family and not only for the royal wedding but for royal baby number 3 that is due any day now. Kensington Palace has confirmed some more details about the royal baby that will be fifth in the line to the throne.

The baby that will be born will not succeed Princess Charlotte to claim rights to the throne because after the Duke and Duchess were married the act that allowed male heirs to be considered before female heirs for the throne was discontinued.

The delivery of royal baby number 3 would be in Mary’s hospital in London where the Duchess has delivered the other two babies. What’s great news is that the impending birth of the royal baby before the royal wedding means that the world will be able to see the entire family at the wedding. This has certainly increased the excitement surrounding the event even more.

What’s interesting to note is that even Prince William was born in the same wing as both his children were born in. As speculation rises about the due date of the Duchess, the private wing where the preparations are being made and where the Duke was himself born has put up ‘No Parking!’ signs so that when the media frenzy comes about for the baby number 3, there are suitable restrictions in place. This points to a good sign as as similar noices were put up two weeks ahead when the Duchess was due with her other babies.

If Kate gives birth on April 21st, that would mean double celebrations for the family as he or she would share their birthday with none other than the Queen herself.