If you haven’t had enough of Natasha Noel, our favourite young Indian yogini who’s been inspiring us to dust off our yoga mats, we have more. Yoginis around the world have been taking to Instagram to spread the word. Just earlier this year Yoga joined UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. And these super fit yoginis with their gravity-defying yoga poses, inspire you to start performing yoga and be healthy and fit. So pull up your yoga pants and get ready to twist and turn with these super hot yoginis. (ALSO SEE 10 hot photos of Indian yogini Natasha Noel will inspire you to star doing yoga)

1. Kino MacGregor


This young Ashtanga yoga teacher is passionate about yoga. Kino has thousands of followers from across the globe.

2. Natasha Noel


Mumbai-based yogini Natasha Noel combines yoga with dance to make it more exotic. (ALSO READ Follow Raees item girl Sunny Leone’s workout and diet plan to get sexy body!)

3. Renee Canada


Founder of The Mind-Body SHIFT, Renee Canada is a yoga instructor, nutritional therapist and a health coach. She survived a chronic illness and inspires us to live healthy.

4. Deepika Mehta


This Indian yogini is Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Teacher. Deepika Mehta has her own TV show known as Yoga City. (ALSO SEE These were the most searched workouts of 2016)

5. Amanda Bisk


Amanda Bisk is a former pole vaulter from Australia. This yoga instructor is also exercise physiologist and elite athletic coach.

6. Kerri Verna


Beachyogagirl will inspire you to run to the beach and do some yoga poses. (ALSO READ Hot photos of Bruna Abdullah working out are giving us serious fitness goals)

7. Irene Pappas

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Irene Pappas will amaze you with some crazy gravity defying yoga poses.

8. Stephanie Roberta


Be it a serious infection or cancer, nothing can stop this yogini. Stephanie Roberta is one girl you must follow for fitness inspiration. (ALSO SEE Hottest workout trends in 2016: How many of these have you tried?)

9. Daylene Christensen


Based in Miami, Daylene Christensen is a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor.

10. Briohny and Dice Lida-Klein


Briohny and Dice, as a couple, inspire you to do yoga with your partner and stay healthy.