Instagram has become a medium for creative self-expression. It is a platform to showcase your talent and show the world what you are capable of. And Natasha Noel one of those talented artists who do what we think is not-so-doable. This Mumbai-based Yogini was a dancer and is now practising yoga. Natasha Noel is a self-trained yogi. She learnt it with Youtube videos and Iyengar yoga books in three months, after which she joined a teacher’s training course to become a certified yoga teacher. She combines the yoga poses with dance moves to make it more exotic. Also, she does these stunning yoga poses literally anywhere in the city.  She will surprise you with an impromptu yoga pose in a place like the departmental store. Natasha Noel, with her Instagram posts and blog, has been inspiring many to turn to yoga. Being strong is sexy, says Natasha Noel and we cannot agree more. (ALSO READ Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Parineeti Chopra: 9 most extreme celebrity body transformations of 2016) Also Read - Period Cramps: Here’s Why the First Two Days of Periods are so Painful and How to Relieve it

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Natasha started doing yoga outdoor when she realised that many international yogis are doing yoga at beautiful locations. Also Read - Benefits of Coconut Water: Best For Weight Loss And Other Health-Beauty Problems


Her very first outdoor yoga was in Goa on an empty railway track. (ALSO READ How to lose weight fast: 11 quick and easy ways to lose a lot of weight fast)


She says, ‘I’m a dancer by heart, Photographer by hobby, Writer by habit and I practice Yoga because it gives my soul happiness’.


The yogini loves what she is doing and feels that flexibility and strength are equally important.


From stores to beaches to forts, she has shot the stunning yoga poses everywhere.


Natasha conducts yoga dance workshops and teaches yoga. (ALSO SEE Hottest workout trends in 2016: How many of these have you tried?)


She strikes a yoga pose wherever she likes and posts the photo as often as she can.


Natasha gets mixed response from the public for her yoga pose. While a watchman at a department store asked her not to pose, another one at a mall told her that more women should practice it.


Her journey was not was not easy but she is a survivor. Born in Kerala, Natasha moved to Mumbai to stay with her god parents as her birth father got schizophrenia and her mother committed suicide.


Natasha overcame all the hurdles and began an extraordinary journey as Yogini.