Flirting is not rocket science. Most people fail to do it right because they think a lot and get too conscious. If you have been really clueless on how to get that guy know that you like him but it in a subtle yet flirtatious way, we have some really important tips for you.  Flirting can be a little tricky sometimes, we agree but again it isn’t too difficult.  You cannot come across as too desperate and you can’t be too cold too. Just follow these tips and you are good to go. ALSO READ These are the 5 genius hacks to keep the sexual spark alive in a long term relationship

1. Keep your voice low when talking

Whenever you are talking to your crush, make sure you keep your voice pretty low.  No man will like a loud woman. So keep your voice low and sexy.  The tone of your voice will definitely make an impact on him.  Men or women, a husky voice always works.

flirting 1

2. Play with your hair and flip it

Several experts have suggested that exposing any part of your body slightly is usually deemed as attractive. So flip your hair on one side and let you neck be seen. No man can resist this and it is also one of the best ways to get his attention. ALSO READ Relationship advice for men: 10 tips that will make your lady love proud of you!

3. Make the most of social media

Take pictures with him whenever at a party. It should be a group picture so that it doesn’t look direct. Upload this picture on your social media account and ask him if you can tag him. That way you get his social media profile and you guys can be friends online as well.


4. A little touch here and there is okay

Body language plays a crucial role when it comes to flirting.  You don’t really have to maintain a cold distance from him. You can touch him occasionally. For instance, touch his hand, while posing for pictures; hold him in a subtle manner and so on. All these are small signs that you are interested in him. But also, do not overdo it since you might look as somebody who is desperate and you might end up creeping him out.ALSO READ What to say during sex: 8 things every man wants to hear in bed!

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5. Look into his eyes

If you like somebody and want his attention, the best thing to do is use your eyes to attract him.  Strike a conversation with him and when you talk make sure you look into his eyes. Don’t look for too long, you should occasionally look away making him wanting more.  Eye contact goes a long way in flirting. It grabs his attention. ALSO READ How to tell your crush you like him: 7 ways to let him know about your feelings!

You can get your flirting game right and on point if you stick to these basic and golden rules of flirting.

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