You get attracted to a person if he or she exhibits some traits or behaviour that you like or admire. However, that interest fades away gradually if the person starts to rank low in your parameter. Whether it is a man or a woman, everyone remains interested in others till they are fascinated and fascinating. The same thing happens in a relationship. If you want to keep your lady love interested in you for the longest run, you need to be aware of some basic relationship tips. Let’s talk about them one by one.Also Read - Are You Emotionally Unavailable in a Relationship? Here is How to Fix The Problem

Be Fully Versed With Simple Dating Etiquette

Ladies like men who prefer calling than keep on texting long messages. Also, those who are good observer, less talkative, and know basic chivalry like opening doors and pulling chairs remain in good books of women. Showing these simple yet hard to remember etiquette can help you remain close to your woman. Also Read - Relationship Signs That Tell if You Are With The Right Person

Showing Curiosity

You must show interest in knowing your partner better. It makes a woman feel good. Instead of usual daily affairs, ask questions about her childhood, her dreams, and other emotional stuff. Let the questions touch her heart. Also Read - Erica Fernandez Reveals She Has Been in Relationship From Last 3 Years, Says 'He is Not From The Industry'

Please Her

If you are fascinated by your love and really love her, you will do anything that can make her happy. Pleasing your lady after crossing all the hurdles can make her feel special and wanted.

Express Your Love

Men who do not express their feelings are not liked by women. Ladies love those who prefer telling them ‘I love you’. It makes a lady feel desirable and keeps her interested in her man.

If You Are Fascinating

A woman likes a man who respects his family and friends, is curious and willing to learn, lives by his values, and is ambitious. Men who have excitement to have new experiences attract women.