These days, you may be coming across the word ‘immunity‘ a lot. This is because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. According to researchers, an optimum immune function can help you reduce your likelihood of getting affected by the COVID-19 virus and can help those who are already affected in recovering quickly. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, antioxidants are known to keep your immune system strong. Also Read - COVID-19 Patient Credits Meditation For Recovering in One Week, Recommends it in 'Daily Life to Boost Immunity'

They are compounds that can neutralise unstable molecules called free radicals that are associated with damage of DNA, Cell membranes, other parts of cells, and making immune system weak. Antioxidants work by giving free radicals their own electrons. These compounds basically prevent any damage to immune cells and help them keep fighting against invading pathogens. Here are some of the antioxidant-rich food items that you can add in your daily diet and can boost your body’s defense system. Also Read - Immunity Boosting Diet: Here's What Is Being Served at Andhra Pradesh's Quarantine Centres


Packed with detoxifying antioxidants called sulforaphane, broccoli can keep your immunity optimum. It also contains essential nutrients that make it a healthy food to have. Also Read - Eating Capsicum Can Reduce Inflammation And Boost Your Immunity


This green veggie is rich in vitamin C and contains various other antioxidants too. Spinach is also packed with beta carotene which can potentially boost your immune function. Notably, you should not overcook spinach as doing that can make it less nutritious. Light cooking enhances its vitamin A.


Almonds contain fat soluble vitamin E that plays a key role in a good immune function. Almonds are also rich in other vitamins and minerals that reduce blood pressure, blood sugar level and manage your cholesterol level. Having almonds can also help you in weight loss as they reduce hunger and prevent overeating.