Teddy bears, chocolates or even a bouquet of flowers as Valentine’s gifts have really become a passé. Times have changed and gifting the usual is no longer the norm. If you are a man who is caught in confusion as to what to gift your lady love this Valentine’s Day, then you have landed on the right page. We are going to help you with some useful tips that will help you understand how to pick the right gifts for your girl all based on her tastes, likes and preferences.  ALSO READ These are the 6 ways to pick the right piece of lingerie for Valentine’s day!

1. Fulfill things she likes

Instead of gifting her same old gifts, why no gift her something she will remember. Women love shopping and they do not mind spending hours to pick one perfect outfit. And usually men do not like doing this. So during Valentine’s Day, why not be sweet to her and take her out shopping. Let her take all the time in the world, just let her shop and help her pick a sexy outfit for the love day with maybe a handbag. This can change based on preferences.  You can also gift her vouchers of her favorite brand and just let her go mad shopping. ALSO READ Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya are now engaged! Tollywood’s cutest couple is giving us major couple goals! VIEW PICS!

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2. No practical gifts for Valentine’s Day

This is one thing that most men are confused about. Just because your girl might have told you that her mixer is not working or she is running out of something, doesn’t mean you gift her that on V-day. Practical gifts are not meant for Valentine’s Day.  It may be caring, but on this day every woman expects something that is romantic.  Thus, ensure that you choose a gift that us certainly thoughtful but also romantic. For instance, get her a spa session so that she feels relaxed and pampered.

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3. Focus on a gift that you know will make her happy

Finally, you just want to see her happy and spend some quality time with her.  This is a good thought, only that, you shouldn’t pick an activity that is your favorite. For instance, you cannot pick a game watching activity on Valentine’s Day. Instead get tickets of a movie that is totally her type or something similar. ALSO READ Relationship rules: 10 things NOT to do if you want your relationship to stay strong

4. Never pick a gift that will make her feel uncomfortable

We are sure you want to see your lady love in a sexy dress of a plunging neckline dress. However, never get her such dresses as gifts because you never know if it puts her in an uncomfortable position.  Not like she will reject the gift, but she will definitely not be too happy about it. You should very well understand her likes and dislikes before you buy her a dress. (ALSO READ Top 10 things you will learn in the first year of your married life!).

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5. Explore your creativity

Your girl might like chocolates and may also food a lot, but instead of ding he usual of taking her out to a restaurant and get her what she likes, why not cook for her! Interesting, right? We know this sounds too complicated, but trust us it is pretty simple. With so many Youtube videos and recipes online, cooking is no rocket scene. Bake her cake or perhaps make her a dessert. ALSO READ Relationship goals for 2017: 7 goals that you need to set for a happier life!).

These are the tips that you need to follow before you set out to buy a gift for your loved one on this Valentine’s Day.