Every man wants a girlfriend who is loving, caring, supportive of his dreams and also is independent.  These and some more are some of the most basic traits that every man looks for in his girlfriend or future wife. So what makes a woman a good girlfriend? Is it just about all these traits? Well, sometimes being a good girlfriend also depends on your stars. Going by astrology, the zodiac sign that you were born under has an influence on your life, including your love life. Haven’t you heard your parents say, ‘You are a true Taurean/Libran’ or whatever sign whenever you do something that best describes your star sign? So going by this general belief that stars have some influence, we have listed down 5 zodiac signs that make the best girlfriends. In your list of criteria for a girlfriend, you could add any one of these zodiac signs.  ALSO READ Which zodiac sign is the best kisser? This is what your stars tell about your kissing style!


Taureans are known to be strong and independent. This itself is a pretty attractive personality trait. Taurus women look tough from the outside, but they are tender, loving and caring at heart. They will do anything to make their partner feel special and important. If a Taurus woman gets into a relationship, they are in it wholeheartedly and will do everything it takes to make it work. They swear by loyalty and thus however bad your relationship is, they will never cheat on you. Most Taurus women are awesome at sex and also can cook pretty well. If you have a Taurus girlfriend, be ready to be in a steady relationship. ALSO READ Who should be your boyfriend according to your zodiac sign?

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Librans are pretty good at socializing which makes them good at relationships too. They know how to keep the spark alive with their sense of humor, romantic gestures and their irresistible charm. They are not the kinds who stop flirting after couple of months in a relationship, a Libran woman will continue flirting with her man always. She will also be there for you through your thick and thin and won’t leave your side even when the going gets tough.


Capricorns are usually practical and realistic. A Capricorn woman can be a perfect girlfriend because she makes sure she has chosen the right man for her. And once she has made her choice, she will stick to you and prioritize you above everything else. Capricorn women will be more than happy to spend a lot of time with their partners. Success and happiness is what they want from life  and they will do everything to make this happen. And if you are a Capricorn woman’s partner, she will make these efforts for you as well, making your life much better than it ever was. ALSO READ These 5 zodiac signs have mastered the art of flirting!

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A woman born under this zodiac sign is one of the best girlfriends ever.  They cherish love and are very generous. The well being of her man is all a Cancer woman wishes for. Be ready to be pampered and loved a lot if you are with a woman who is a Cancerian. She will spoil you with all the good things of life and which man wouldn’t want this?


With a Sagittarius girlfriend, you can also be her best friend. Every fun thing that you do with your friends, you can do with her without any complaints or whining.  A relationship with a woman who is Sagittariusan never feels like a burden or effort. It is naturally fun and beautiful.  Men like it when their girlfriends are not uptight about everything and with a Sagittarius girlfriend, you get someone who loves jokes, having fun and doing crazy stuff. ALSO READ What does your zodiac sign tell about your sex life?

So if you ever find a woman who is one of these zodiac signs, never let her go. Women who belong to these zodiac signs will enter your life to make it better and happier. Your life will be filled with romance, stability and fun,

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