Dating can be a pretty tricky game if not done right and carefully.  You will end up being with the wrong guy if you do not choose wisely. And it gets worse if you end up marrying that person. Marriage is about living with a person for a lifetime. You will deal with your husband’s habits on a daily basis, whether they are good or bad. So it is becomes very important that you date a nice man, somebody who loves you wholeheartedly, stands by you and cares for you. If the person you date is good enough, you could also consider marrying him. However there are some kinds of men that you should never marry. You should rather be single than date these 6 types of men. ALSO READ These are the 5 types of men you must never fall for online!

The one who is abusive

Why on earth would you want to be with an abusive man? Never be with a man who has no control over his anger and frustration. It is okay if your man gets angry once in a while, however if you have noticed that your man gets mad over the silliest things and vents out in an abusive manner, you know you should walk out. Eventually  you too will get emotionally drained out.  If your man is verbally abusive now, chances are he will get physically abusive too. So never consider marrying a man who has anger issues.

The ‘work is life’ man

man working woman upset

So this is the kind of man you should really be wary of. It is okay to be career oriented, but if your man only thinks about work whole day long, then you should reconsider your choice. A man who is too involved in his work will never give any suggestions or opinions in any matter whatsoever. They will just hear you out silently, nod and say ‘ whatever you like.’ They will never take an initiative to make plans, discuss about future or anything. If you marry a man like this, you are likely to feel lonely, because he won’t be available emotionally. ALSO READ These are the 7 things you should never tolerate from men in 2017!

The one who can only think of getting married

So you are dating this guy and it has been just a few dates. You know it but your man pretends like he knows you since ages and constantly talks about getting married to you. The only thing that he ever talks about is marriage and kids. Do not trust men like these because they only have these pointless, empty talks. When it comes down to doing something, they will give you all sorts of reasons to bail out. If your man is constantly talking about marriage and about how he loves you too much and he can’t wait to just live with you – then maybe he is just a man full of empty words.

The over possessive man

So this guy has a problem with everything you do. The kind of dress you wear, who you talk to, how much you talk to other men, why you posted a certain thing on social media and so on. If your man is crazily obsessed about every small thing you do and has a problem with it, imagine having to deal with this for the rest of your life. You might mistake it for caring and loving, but this is nothing but toxic. And however hard you try, you will never be able to earn the trust of a man like this.

The Casanova


If you are just another object of fascination for your man , you will see it in his behavior. A man who is a playboy will stick around only till he is fascinated by you or till he thinks you can be the new thrill of his life. And if you ever try to talk something serious, he will just ask you to change the topic because you are ruining the moment. Before you know it, he will soon go hunting for another girl once he is bored with you. How and why should a woman even be with somebody who is so unreliable? So a Casanova is somebody you should never marry. ALSO READ These are the 5 worst reasons to be in a relationship with someone!

Mama’s boy

Loving your mom is one thing and letting your mother take even your smallest decisions is another. Never marry a man who is a mama’s boy. His mother will have a big influence in his career choices, personal life and also his love life. He might be this sweet and caring person, but as a couple you might never be able to take decisions because he needs his mom’s opinion in everything. ALSO READ These 6 tips will tell you how to maintain a good relationship with your husband!

If you are open to dating and meeting guys, just ensure that these are the kind of guys you stay away from. You definitely don’t need to date such men because then you will have to end it. And if you are looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, do not even think of dating such men.

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