Whether you are in a relationship, single or in a casual relationship, there are several doubts that people often have in their minds. People often are not clear about certain aspects of life. So here we have listed down everything that you always wanted to know about sex, love and relationships. These are things that you probably didn’t know about sex and relationships and also love. ALSO READ How to love yourself: 5 tips to help you love yourself unconditionally!Also Read - Brazilian Model Marries Herself After Giving Up on Men, Invites Her Friends For Wedding Ceremony

1. Relationships do not have to start on romance

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This is one thing that we are sure you didn’t know about. Not every casual relationship has to end like that no relationship has to begin on just romance. You two can also start a relationship by sex. Sometimes sex on first date will bring you closer and will lead to a serious relationship. ALSO READ Reasons to never cheat on your spouse: 7 reasons why staying loyal is the best! Also Read - Andhra Woman Builds Temple For Her Dead Husband, Performs Puja In Front of His Statue Everyday

2. Men do love cuddling after sex

sex periods

This is another myth about men that women have lived with. But there is no truth to this at all.  Men also love cuddling after sex just as much as women do. In fact they need it a lot more than women do. ALSO READ How to have a long term relationship: 6 rules for a happy ending!

3. Love at first sight does exist


Yes, there have been several cased of love at first sight and it does not exist just in books or movies. You can instantly fall in love with somebody and such relations also have the potential to last lifelong. (ALSO READ Top 10 things you will learn in the first year of your married life!).

4. Music brings two souls together


This is another thing that you might have read online or watched in movies. Bu it is true that sharing music or having a common fondness towards music can bring two people together. It connects the souls instantly and such relations are a rare find. A person shares his playlist only when there is some sort of connection. ALSO READ Relationship rules: 10 things NOT to do if you want your relationship to stay strong

5. Live-in relationship does determine the future

A live relationship does determine the future of your love. Putting up with a person with different personality a d lifestyle habits isn’t as easy as it looks. And only a couple strongly in love and committed can overcome this hurdle.

6. Same sex marriages may reduce stress


There are several studies that suggest that heterosexual couples are less stressed than others. This is one fact that we are sure not many knew about.

7. Falling asleep after sex is good


Couples in love usually prefer cuddling and talking after sex. But there are several studies that say sleeping after sex is actually good. ALSO READ Signs of love addiction: 5 signs that tell you are totally addicted to your partner!

These are some of the things that you didn’t know about sex, love and relationships. Most of it can also be very subjective and different from person to person. However, things that you thought didn’t exist actually do.