COVID-19 has various symptoms and one of the most annoying of them is the loss of smell and taste. Losing the functions of your olfactory senses can be frustrating and hard to cope up with. No medicine can help you get rid of this problem. Only a few home remedies can be of some help. However, regaining the loss of smell and taste will take a bit longer and therefore you need to be patient. Also Read - Coronavirus: India Records 23,068 Fresh COVID-19 Cases in Last 24 Hours, 24,661 New Discharges

If you have contracted COVID-19 causing virus and experiencing this symptom, you should be aware of certain dietary swaps that can help you deal with this problem and recover fast. Read further to know about them. Also Read - New Coronavirus Strain More Deadly, to Cause More Deaths: Study

Carom Seeds

Also known as Ajwain, carom seeds are known to be good for getting relief from cough and cold. But, do you know that carom seeds can reduce congestion and improve your sense of smell and taste too? Yes, you read that right. Inhaling the scent of carom seeds can be a good hack to improve the functioning of your olfactory senses. Doing this multiple times a day can give you the expected result. Also Read - Coronavirus: Karnataka Imposes Additional Section 144 in Bengaluru During Night Curfew Till Jan 1

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a hot spice that can help you regain your lost sense of smell and taste. It contains an active compound called capsaicin, that can clear blocked nose and improve functions of our olfactory senses. To consume cayenne pepper, you can mix it with a sweetening agent like honey and have it with water.


Garlic has strong anti-viral and immunity-boosting properties. Consuming crushed garlic cloves with hot water can soothe swelling, reduce inflammation, and improve breathing. Also, it can restore your sense of smell and taste. You can also add lemon juice to this concoction for better results.