Are you pregnant and have a habit of drinking coffee every day? If yes, you are at a greater risk of experiencing miscarriage and preterm labour. It is basically the opening of your cervix before the 37th week of pregnancy. Premature birth puts your baby at risk of various health hazards that can claim his life as well. Premies are known to have long-term mental and physical disabilities. Preterm labour is characterized by symptoms including light vaginal bleeding, low and dull backache, frequent contraction, mild cramps, and vaginal discharge. Here, we inform you about some of the common lifestyle habits that can make you susceptible to preterm birth.


Smoking makes your body organs exposed to 4000 different types of chemicals that are capable of doing maximum damage. The nicotine and carbon monoxide present in cigarettes are knwon to constrict the blood vessels including those present in the umbilical cord, that helps in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. This leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen further leading to preterm labour. This can even cause stillbirth.


Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates your heart rate and induces acidity and heartburn. Also, while you are pregnant your body becomes less efficient in breaking down the caffeine. This can lead to its presence in the bloodstream. And, according to nutritionists and doctors in the field, the presence of excessive caffeine in the bloodstream during pregnancy can cause preterm labour.


Alcohol, if consumed during pregnancy, can reach the baby through the placenta. Baby’s liver is not fully developed during this phase and it cannot eliminate the toxins like an adult’s liver. This can lead to improper fetal development and can increase your risk of having preterm labour.