Is your partner over protective? Does he show too much care and concern for you? Beware! These may be a sign of his clingy nature that can be toxicating for your relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that the other person can intrude into your personal life and know each and everything about you. Encroaching the personal space of your partner is not at all acceptable. You must not confuse the over-concerned behaviour of your partner as his love and care. If your mental peace and your day to day life are being hampered due to your partner’s behaviour, there is something wrong and you need to figure that out in order to be safe and happy. Here, we list a few signs that show that your partner is clingy and he is making the relationship toxic. Also Read - Divorce Rates Spike in China as 'Couples Are Spending Too Much Time Together' in Coronavirus Quarantine

If he asks for minute-to minute update of your entire day Also Read - Are You a Newly-Wed Couple? Here is How to Strengthen Your Bond

Sharing everyday’s major happenings is normal and most of the couple do so. But if your partner has started to be interested about the happenings of each and every minute of your entire day, something is fishy. This behaviour of his can make you feel suffocated and can lead to the end of your relationship. Also Read - Practical Wedding Vows That Every Couple Should Consider Taking

Constant insecure behaviour

Trust is the building block of a relationship. If your partner frequently asks you to prove your love for him, this means he is insecure and doesn’t trust you. This may seem good to you in the initial days but you will soon start to feel bounded and choked.

If your partner stalks you

If your partner asks you for your social media account’s password, he is a stalker. Also, if you frequently find him at places where you are spending time with your friends, he is encroaching upon your personal space and wants to know each and every detail of your life. This can be extremely toxic for your relationship.