Love is one of the most special feelings in the world. It keeps you energized, happy, and content in life. But love makes you blind as well. And, that’s what prevents you from recognizing or accepting any ongoing problem in your relationship that can cost you something big. It is normal to feel head over heels in love with someone one day and then doesn’t have the same affection later on. Certain situations and habits of your partner can make you feel detached and you may wish to break-up. Also Read - Happy Chocolate Day: Celebrate Sweetness of Relationships With These Best Quotes, SMS, Facebook Status & WhatsApp Messages

To avoid this sudden shock, you need to be a bit alert and know when to put a full stop in your relationship. Break-up is not easy to handle but being aware about its telltale signs may help you deal with it in a better manner or know that your break-up is pending. Here, we tell you about such signs. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, February 8: Neetu Kapoor-Rishi Kapoor's Adorable Throwback Pic Shows Their 'Lifelong Relationship Friendship'

Changing Relationship Goals

It happens quite a lot that a couple promises to spend their rest of lives together in the beginning and then things do not go the same way. In every relationship, there are certain short and long-term goals. In romantic relationship, a couple may mutually decide to live in the same city and get married in next 2 to 3 years. However, later on, one of them may decide to disagree to these pre-set goals and shift to another place. So, if your partner has a change of heart and he doesn’t want to get married to you within the decided time, you need to realise that things are soon going to end. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai Asks Himanshi Khurana to 'Stay Away' From Her Relationship With Arhaan Khan

Ugly Fights

Arguments and fights are normal. But if they happen almost on a regular basis and get worse every time, you need to pay more attention on your relationship. Fighting with your partner gives you a way to voice out your emotions and that is extremely important. But, if the fights soon turn and reach to a dead-end, there is something very wrong going on and your relationship is one the verge to end.

Less Communication

Communication is the key to a good and long-lasting relationship. It helps you share whatever you feel for the other person and let him know that he is important for you. In case, you and your partner are rarely involving in any kind of communication, it is a red flag. Either take initiative and solve the ongoing and unknowing issue or get ready to head towards a break-up.