Trying out new exercise trends has become a fashion among the fitness enthusiasts. While some of you love pumping iron in the gym for weight loss, many get bored by their gym routine and want to try something interesting. Over the past few years, we have seen some weird exercise routines hailed as the best way to knock off those extra kilos and 2016 was no different. Youtube is filled with exercises features you could try at home and some of them are pretty intense stuff. Some of these routines are followed by thousands of people and are really popular. So, if you are trying to achieve your fitness goals and want to try not-so-normal workout regime, here is a list of the most-searched fitness workouts of 2016 as per the Google trends. (ALSO READ Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Parineeti Chopra: 9 most extreme celebrity body transformations of 2016).

1. ZUU workout

ZUU workout is a high-intensity training designed by Australian human movement expert and fitness guru, Nathan Helberg. The workout uses primal moves like squats, twists, bend, push, pull and lunges. This 20-minute workout routine combines energy and strength to offer you a full body workout. What’s more encouraging? It burns 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

2. Cize workout

Cize workout is a dance workout routine, which will make you want to exercise. The workout involves some intense dance choreography. You will not just be dancing to a thrilling music but will also be strengthening the core and toning your muscles. It will also help in cardiovascular conditioning.

3. Steve Reeves workout

Steve Reeves was a famous actor and a popular bodybuilder. The actor is famous for his workout routines and his simple philosophy: don’t use anabolic steroids. (ALSO SEE How to lose weight fast: 11 quick and easy ways to lose a lot of weight fast).

4. Rotator cuff exercises

Rotator cuff injuries are painful and for athletes, these are a major setback. The Rotator cuff exercises help in preventing the shoulder or rotator cuff injuries. The exercises also help ease the shoulder pain caused by an injury. These workout routines are more rehabilitation than exercise.

5. Ectomorph workout

Ectomorph or hard gainer means someone with a fast metabolism and lean muscles. People with ectomorph body type are usually small and have a delicate frame. For ectomorph people, gaining weight is difficult, so the ectomorph workout routine will help them to gain muscles. This workout routine is short and intense.

6. Bungee workout

Bungee workout was the most thrilling workouts of 2016. This gravity-defying workout started in Thailand and is done by strapping yourself into a harness, which is attached to a resistant bungee rope. You workout upside down to strengthen your core and tone muscles. You can dance or do aerobics and even fly in the air (with the harness attached) while doing bungee workout. (ALSO SEE Hottest workout trends in 2016: How many of these have you tried?).

7. Murph workout

Murph workout is a long, intense workout regime named after Navy It. Michael Murphy, who was killed on June 28, 2005, in Afghanistan. The workout includes air squats, pushups, pull-ups and running.