During young age, you fall in and out of love. You get attracted to somebody and call it love. Soon, you realise that you don’t feel the same way now. However, when you grow up, become mature, and get involved in a serious romantic relationship, you invest too much into it. The emotional attachment becomes so strong that breaking-up seems like death.Also Read - These Zodiac Signs Are Smartest Liars, Find Out if You Are in The List

Still, some people manage to move on and live their life happily. Whereas others fail to do that. They, in fact, keep hoping for a magic to happen that can bring their ex-partners back into their lives. They struggle a lot in getting over their ex-lovers. These people belong to a group of zodiac signs. Here, we will talk about them. Also Read - Do You Prefer Being Single? Check if You Belong to This Group of Zodiac Signs


A person belonging to this zodiac sign loves to be in love. He just can’t stop thinking about good moments spent with his ex-lover. For him, it is all about making good memories and keeping them close to his heart forever. Though he may not be thinking about getting back with his ex-partner, nostalgia is what does not let him move on. He feels difficult in making peace with the fact that he is not with the person he loved. Also Read - People With These Zodiac Signs Are Hard to Fall in Love With


Scorpions are the most intense and passionate persons. They are sincere in love and are deeply involved with their partners. They are quite loyal and most genuine in relationship. You won’t find a person as committed as scorpions. For them, moving on is extremely difficult. Memories haunt them for long. Though they won’t express their pain and vulnerability, they actually die everyday during the struggle to get over their exes.


Though people belong to this zodiac sign seem to be quite strong and someone who does not cling on to their ex-relationships, they are actually quite emotional and soft from the inside. Leos have a dominant personality and they show a tough side of themselves to people. However, in love, they can surprise you every day. They get so attached to their partners that moving on doesn’t seem to be possible.