Practicing yoga is one of the best ways be healthy. Doing yoga poses requires a lot of stretching and bending. That is why you need to be quite vigilant while buying yoga outfits. Choosing the right attire may seem stressful but that can make a big difference. Correct yoga outfit can help you stay comfortable through the entire session and perform yoga actively without worrying about anything else. Also Read - Style Tips: How to Dress up For Work in Indian Outfits?

You should opt for a yoga outfit based on the type of yoga class you are attending. For example, Bikram and hot yoga classes take place in a heated room. So to attend that, you need to wear something that won’t suffocate your body. Also Read - Style Tips: How to Wear a Pencil Skirt Like a Red Carpet Stunner

Opting for an incorrect yoga attire can hinder your performance. So, always look for outfits that can be comfortable and have flexible fabric. Opt for one that has soft and breathable fabric and has fitted design. Let’s know more about what should include your yoga wardrobe and things to keep in mind while buying them. Also Read - How to Style Different Types of Jeans to Look Super-Cool?


Buying a good quality sports bra is significant especially if you are big busted. Look for one that can support and hold what’s beneath. Buying a bra above your size can lead to its constant slipping and you may feel embarrassed. Pick a style that can stay at one place neatly throughout different upward and downward poses. If you are heading for an intense yoga session, do not go for a V-neck, lightweight and light coloured bra.


These can be one of the best yoga outfits as they are highly comfortable. When you opt for one, ensure it is not too loose as yoga poses require you to move up and down. Wearing a loose singlet can move around and bunch up. Also, it can reveal your stomach and can distract your mind. So, pick one that has a good fit and can stay at a place throughout the yoga session. But ensure that your outfit is not too tight.


Tights are quite stretchable and comfortable. Tights allow you to move your body freely. While buying tights make sure their fabric absorbs sweat and dries quickly. You can opt for a full-length or cropped tights based on your choice. Do not go for thin or light coloured tights as they may become see-through while you perform certain poses.