Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It gives you a sense of belonging and happiness. But gathering the courage to confess that love to someone gives anxiety. The fear of rejection makes you feel apprehensive. But opening up and unfolding your affection can offer you inner peace and the satisfaction that you finally confessed your love to the person. Also Read - Deepika Padukone Channels Her Love For Plants During Coronavirus Lockdown

Still, if you are feeling jittery, find confessing a big deal, and need some advice or suggestions, here is a list of tips that can help you. Also Read - 'A Fast Bowler With a Sense of Humour, Love That' - Gavaskar Responds to Akhtar's Comment

Wait for the right time

It is important that you share your feeling at the right time if you don’t want to mess it up. Before confessing your love, make sure that the other person is in right head-space. Taking time and going slow will work in your favour. Also, after confessing your love, do not expect on the spot response. Learn to be patient. May be the other person wants to know you better before accepting your proposal. Also Read - Loved Pujara and Ishant's Worth Ethic During County Stints: Gillespie

Do not beat around the bush

Avoid talking about unimportant things before coming to the actual point as doing this will make the other person lose interest in whatever you are saying or going to say. So, be direct and speak your mind. Remember, the more honestly you speak, the greater your chances are to get the love of your life. Avoid any drama and express your love genuinely. No need to be extra romantic as it can be uncomfortable for the other person.

Try confessing on paper

If you are not confident enough in proposing in person, you can write a letter and do the same. In fact, this way, you can be more vocal about your feeling without being shy. But do not write cheesy lines and keep the letter simple.