Heartbreaks are never easy. It requires guts to survive a breakup and move on with pride. It is always advised to get out of a relationship once it has become toxic. Also, try to step out with as much dignity left in it. No need to unnecessarily make things dirty. This is important as it gives you a chance to get back together in future. But reuniting with your ex can be really stressful. You may find yourself struggling with your own emotions. Also Read - Cuddling Your Partner Can Offer Much More Than Just Pleasure

Reconciling with your ex can be hard as your trust has already been broken once. You have been disrespected once. And, you have been yelled upon once. So, before actually taking the decision, scroll down to know about four major things that would not be same as before after reuniting. Also Read - Want Robust Marriage? Give Your Partner Occasional Hugs, Kisses Too

You may feel lack of connect

It is normal to feel a disconnect with your ex even after reconciling. This may be a result of unexpressed pent up emotions. It may be also because of the disrespect you received from the other person. Also Read - Ladies, These Trigger Points Can Spin a Magic to Arouse Your Male Partner

Trust issues

You should never get back with someone who has cheated you before. Once a cheater always remains a cheater. The person won’t feel bad or hesitated in breaking your trust again. Once a heart is broken, it can never be fixed entirely.

Cautiousness in showing your feelings

Reworking on your relationship can be emotionally tiring. It can consume you totally and take a toll on you. You may feel inhibited in sharing things with your partner which you initially used to, without any hesitation.

Physical intimacy may seem difficult

Emotional connect makes physical intimacy more pleasurable. But once, the feeling is lost, it becomes difficult to get intimate with the same passion.