The internet is quite the platform for the young millennials to showcase their talents in various fields and share their skills with people across the world. One of the biggest tools for this is Youtube, where by you can win instant fame by posting video tutorials about anything and everything from makeup to cooking to even skiing and scuba diving! You must have heard numerous stories of such experts winning a huge global fan following by merely sharing what they know with the world via Youtube. One such story is that of 106-year-old Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh.

Besides being the oldest Youtuber of India, she might arguably also be one of the most successful ones, with over 2 lakh subscribers on Youtube. Mastanamma became a known face across the world after her grandson started posting videos of her cooking delicious grub using local spices and flavors. The channel is called Country Foods and has scores of videos showing Mastanamma building lip-smacking meals like fish fry, egg dosas, bamboo chicken biryani, etc, from scratch, using the traditional coal chulha. ALSO SEE: Chinese woman becomes an internet sensation by cooking delicious food using office supplies! WATCH VIDEO

What gets you hooked to these videos is the surprising vigor with which Mastanamma carries out all the tasks, right from skinning and cleaning the fish to cooking it. In a recent video posted on the channel, where Mastanamma is cooking a huge 7 kg fish, she is seen nonchalantly talking about snakes in the paddy fields nearby. All of Mastanamma’s cooking occurs out in the open, with the bare minimum of kitchen tools. Her talents and vivacity have been receiving loads of love from across the world, as is indicative from the tons of positive comments on her videos. ALSO READ: Activated charcoal is the hottest food trend in town: Everything you need to know about its health benefits, taste and where to try it!

“Love you granny from England”, read one comment on her recent video. “love from Bangladesh granny live long”, read another. Mastanamma is apparently aware of her internet fame but is unperturbed by it. She hails from Gudiwada in the Krishna district from Andhra Pradesh and has been doing all her household chores herself, her entire life. Even at 106, she refuses to take any help from youngsters. Inspirational much? You bet she is!

Image Credits: Country Food/Youtube 

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