We’ve all got a friend whose obsession for health and fitness takes up their whole life.  The one who’d pick a bowl of salad over a bowl of ice-cream or one who prefers a cup of green tea over a hot chocolate. Yes, that friend. So why not gift them something healthy this friendship’s day! We have a set of five gifts that can totally help you to show your love and bond for their mindful habits – 
Stance Yoga Mat for your Yogi buddy – A truly reversible mat, with a functional design to add stability to your workout. On one side, the GuideAlign™ helps keep your posture in check. So you can balance better, stretch deeper, and achieve the full benefit of a pose. Reverse the mat, and the honeycomb texture provides a confident non-slip grip for those extended sweaty sessions. No Slipping, No Shaking. Just a perfect Stance every time.
Sweat-charged t-shirt for your tech buddy – The perfect gear to kick-start your training routine, and get you moving FASTER, BETTER and STRONGER. Motivational words emerge from the fabric as you sweat, pushing you closer to your fitness goals. Made from anti-wicking performance material that is breathable & light, with a built-in antimicrobial finish for odour control
Drill Socks for the runner buddy – The perfect mid-volume socks made with moisture-wicking technical yarn to suit any training style.
Fit towel for your fit buddy – TEGOFit sports towels are engineered with proven antimicrobial technology from Microban to ensure you can train hard without having to worry about odour and germs. Developed for the fitness enthusiast, TEGOfit towels are designed and shaped to get you through the toughest of workout conditions. Use it as a protective shield on shared fitness equipment  
VAPArise t-shirt for your fashionable buddy – The Technology used in TEGO VAPArise Tshirts transforms cotton to work hard as you. The fabric is engineered using a unique blend of yarns to optimize absorbency and dry twice as fast as regular cotton. This means you’ll get the comfort of cotton with true performance – allowing you to be your sweatiest best.