There are certain diet no-nos for everybody who wants to lose weight. Number one on that list is food that is high in carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates. Now a new study published in the journal Nutrients has found that replacing refined carbs with one of the most popular superfoods, avocado, can help those who are obese lose weight. This means that you can eat avocados without the fear of adding calories and with the promise of suppressing hunger. This can also prove beneficial for metabolic control. This is because avocados have the ability to increase meal satisfaction in overweight and obese adults. Avocados are full of healthy fats that are highly recommended in daily meals. An older study had stated that eating one-half of a fresh avocado during lunch can help you keep more satisfied and reduce hunger after a meal. The study noted that satiety was important talking about weight loss with diet because people who feel satisfied are less likely to snack between meals according to Joan Sabate, Chair of the Department of Nutrition who led the research. Also Read - Weight Loss Tips: 10 Best Superfoods That Can Help Shed Kilos And Improve Your Metabolism

Not just suppression of hunger, promotion of fullness and encouraging weight loss, eating avocados instead of refined carbs was also shown to limit insulin and blood glucose excursions. This proves useful for reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Avocados have been hailed as the superfood everybody ought to have and there is a good reason for this. Here are some ways in which eating avocados regularly can benefit you. Also Read - 5 Superfoods To Boost Immune System And Help You Stay Healthy Amid COVID-19

Avocados can promote healthy skin because of the high content of Vitamin E in them. Vitamin e is an essential nutrient for healthy skin. Avocados can also be beneficial for the hair because of the many beneficial compounds in them.
Studies have also found that they can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Also Read - Want to Have Glowing Skin? Eat These Easily Available Food